Tweets from Tahrir LIVE

The revolution continues - live updates from Tahrir Square

Live updates from tweeters featured in the book Tweets from Tahrir: Egypt’s Revolution as It Unfolded, in the Words of the People Who Made It.

Despite toppling the dictator Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, Egypt remained under military rule and brutal repression. The revolution continues; activists are still protesting and still using Twitter to get the word out. Tweets from Tahrir told the story of the 18-day uprising that removed Mubarak; this page brings live coverage of the struggle.

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Youssef Chouhoud

Signs that you may be a one hit wonder...
4 Feb ago

@mish3adel Sounds good. Will send it over soon. Thanks again for reaching out.
14 Jan ago

@mish3adel Hey Nadia. Yes, sorry, things have been hectic. Will send some thoughts out this evening. You preferred I tweet them at you, yes?
14 Jan ago

Actually, it's because a rat is more likely than not to drown in deep dish "pizza" #itsacaserole…
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Or, as @Drake observed, "trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers."
5 Jan ago

@AminESPN I'd rather someone that could fix up the poor-us defense.
5 Jan ago

But you say he Kylo Ren... You say he Kylo Ren...
4 Jan ago

@mish3adel Hi Nadia--great to hear from you. Yes, that acct is now defunct. You can reach me at chouhoud AT usc DOT edu
30 Dec 15 ago

Some PPP poll "highlights": 46% support national Muslim database 26% believe Islam should be illegal 28% support WWII internment camps (!!!)
18 Dec 15 ago

Alongside your morning LOLZ, take a moment to read the full, far more terrifying than funny PPP report:…
18 Dec 15 ago

Part of me wants to put my social science cap on & note the limits of these sort of Qs. A larger part is just LOLZ.…
18 Dec 15 ago

@hsmoghul "This plaque commemorates the most boss trolling of Islamophobia"
18 Dec 15 ago

@hsmoghul Some equally ingenious and lazy school kid is waiting for the right time to spring the origins of algebra on district officials.
18 Dec 15 ago

The tweeters featured in this stream were all featured in the book Tweets from Tahrir, chosen for the quality of their tweets during the 18 day uprising. They are just a small selection of the activists in Egypt, and this stream is in no way comprehensive.