Tweets from Tahrir LIVE

The revolution continues - live updates from Tahrir Square

Live updates from tweeters featured in the book Tweets from Tahrir: Egypt’s Revolution as It Unfolded, in the Words of the People Who Made It.

Despite toppling the dictator Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, Egypt remained under military rule and brutal repression. The revolution continues; activists are still protesting and still using Twitter to get the word out. Tweets from Tahrir told the story of the 18-day uprising that removed Mubarak; this page brings live coverage of the struggle.

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أبو كار

Photograph of graffiti in Hebron written by the jewish defence league.
26m ago

The red lines show streets Palestinians are denied access to.
37m ago

We're now at the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee listening to a presentation about how Hebron came to be occupied.
46m ago

Palestinians are not allowed beyond the corner in front of the white car. Beyond that is a settlement.
1h ago

Shohoda St. Hebron.
1h ago

They can't even fucking spell.
2h ago

Some good citizens upholding the middle east only democracy in Hebron.
2h ago

This was the site of a palestinian boys school until 1981 when it was closed by the Israeli…
2h ago

A settlement above a market street in Hebron. There have roughly 5 settlements in Hebron since the…
2h ago

This bit of the wall runs right through the middle of the village of beit jala, about 8km from…
4h ago

@PalFest mkameleeeeeeeeeen
15h ago

Tonight @PalFest is at the Dar el Tifel Museum…
19h ago

The view from jerusalem's augusta victoria hosp. looking towards the dead sea. marred only by clouds & a settlement
23h ago

The UN's Ray dolphin showing us occupation on the map and before our very eyes. Rude finger unintentional.
24 May ago

Jarrar* not Jarrah bloody spellchecker.
24 May ago

The palestinian owner still lives in the other half. @PalFest isntoday being given a tour of the occupation by Ray dolphin from UNOCHA.
24 May ago

Here is a palestinian home in Sheikh Jarrah one half of which has been illegally occupied by Jewish settlers.
24 May ago

today @PalFest will be crossing the qalandia checkpoint… and going to jerusalem
24 May ago

Lego state | Inanities…
23 May ago

shataf-less in seattle.
23 May ago

The tweeters featured in this stream were all featured in the book Tweets from Tahrir, chosen for the quality of their tweets during the 18 day uprising. They are just a small selection of the activists in Egypt, and this stream is in no way comprehensive.