Tweets from Tahrir LIVE

The revolution continues - live updates from Tahrir Square

Live updates from tweeters featured in the book Tweets from Tahrir: Egypt’s Revolution as It Unfolded, in the Words of the People Who Made It.

Despite toppling the dictator Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, Egypt remained under military rule and brutal repression. The revolution continues; activists are still protesting and still using Twitter to get the word out. Tweets from Tahrir told the story of the 18-day uprising that removed Mubarak; this page brings live coverage of the struggle.

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أبو كار

Let me hear you…
12h ago

lol. dickhead RT @realDonaldTrump: Via Wapo 9/18/01. I want an apology! Many people have tweeted that I am right!
23 Nov ago

Why is English so weirdly different from other languages? —… via @aeonmag
23 Nov ago

@Annabellvdb heh
23 Nov ago

if only we could somehow combine the impending nuclear power station disaster in egypt with the elimination of both da3esh and donald trump
21 Nov ago

@karimmismail uh huh
19 Nov ago

The magic of Croydon: is London's punchline having the last laugh?
19 Nov ago

CNN: CNN Should apologize and reprimand Isha Sesay and John Vause - Sign the Petition!… via @Change
19 Nov ago

@yasserlouati I don't know how the hell you kept yr cool with those @CNN mothafuckers but props for doing so.
17 Nov ago

Poorest town in poorest state: segregation is gone but so are the jobs
16 Nov ago

The tweeters featured in this stream were all featured in the book Tweets from Tahrir, chosen for the quality of their tweets during the 18 day uprising. They are just a small selection of the activists in Egypt, and this stream is in no way comprehensive.