Tweets from Tahrir LIVE

The revolution continues - live updates from Tahrir Square

Live updates from tweeters featured in the book Tweets from Tahrir: Egypt’s Revolution as It Unfolded, in the Words of the People Who Made It.

Despite toppling the dictator Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, Egypt remained under military rule and brutal repression. The revolution continues; activists are still protesting and still using Twitter to get the word out. Tweets from Tahrir told the story of the 18-day uprising that removed Mubarak; this page brings live coverage of the struggle.

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Mohammed Yahia

لهم عمرو مصطفى - ولنا مصطفى إبراهيم - ولد الفن في مصر من جديد على يد ثورة يناير 2011
14h ago

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29 Aug ago

@Cleo2atra @_islamhussein @moftasa and no I don't think he departed. Those were fake reports. So yes we should still work to expose him!
29 Aug ago

@_islamhussein @Cleo2atra @moftasa they've had many chances to end this but dug themselves deeper.We'll still be here after 6 months expire!
29 Aug ago

ونرجع نسأل السؤال نفسه: لماذا لا يموت ولاد الوسخة؟ الله يرحم #أحمد_سيف_الاسلام
28 Aug ago

@FathimaKhan Would I ever now? :)
28 Aug ago

@FathimaKhan You need to learn Arabic my dear, or ask me to translate every Arabic post I make on FB :)
28 Aug ago

The only alternative I still believe in is #revolution. My friends and everyone I respect is either dead or in prison #Egypt
28 Aug ago

Next time you dive in the Red Sea, look for this!: RT @NatureMEast: Whale #sharks found at #RedSea gathering spot
27 Aug ago

@pakinamamer nope, got @Olza @Olza @Olza herself :P
26 Aug ago

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25 Aug ago

@salmaeldaly @VodafoneEgypt I don't know about getting laid in the shade and sense of humor - I'd suggest moving indoors :P
25 Aug ago

@salmaeldaly @VodafoneEgypt always manage to confuse me with their tweets sometimes...
25 Aug ago

Just when I think Egyptian media can't get more absurd. they do: This is considered an act of War!!… (via @Zeinobia)
25 Aug ago

It is such a relief to be working with a journalist who REALLY respects deadlines. I <3 @NadiaE!
10 Aug ago

The tweeters featured in this stream were all featured in the book Tweets from Tahrir, chosen for the quality of their tweets during the 18 day uprising. They are just a small selection of the activists in Egypt, and this stream is in no way comprehensive.